Cantoalegre has looked for ways to take knowledge and educational material to many places in Colombia and the world. Our line of Programs has enabled us to reach out to teachers, educators and children with diverse backgrounds to grow with them through music.

Earth is everyone’s home
It's an environmental education program designed to bring a level of consciousness about planet conservation. It consists in workshops for children and youth in the community, teacher workshops, booklets, audiovisual presentations and publication of stories and songs about the subject.
Pandora’s box
It brings together Cantoalegre’s programs aimed at early childhood and develops different sets of materials, including speech and movement, music, role-playing games, playground, among others and its respective workshops.
Children have their say
It's a program created using “words” as main focus and the motivation of children’s creations. It originated as a small language congress where we gathered children to create in terms of words. It offers workshops for teachers and children and publications in different formats.
Living School
It develops a pedagogy through art that focuses its teachings on human development. Its slogan is "Art for All" as a right of all children to live an artistic experience.
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